Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Looking for Leadership

Leadership is always king in football, and it doesn't take genius to figure out what teams are blessed with true leadership coaches and those who are not. It's evident the minute the team steps onto the field, if you know what to look for, that is. Dave Ramsey sums-up leadership lessons based on some purdy famous football coaches in his blog. This is worth a look-see.

Ramsey lays it out with a little history from these winning coaches and it's all good stuff. I've experienced football as a fan and a mom, obliviously not as a player or a coach, but if you are a mom/parent then you have a special position all your own. Like it or not, you are coaching your own team and it is up to you to lead the way.

For insistence, in my last post, "Raising Jocks or Men of Honor" I rather scolded the grown fellers/players in to acting like somebody and stop all this craziness of ill behavior. I also strongly encouraged them to get in church.

Here is what I used to tell my own two when they were in high school, played football, could drive and make choices as to who they hung out with and so on.

1. You choose your friends, don't let your friends chose you.
2. Nothing good ever happens after midnight.
3. You can stay out as long as you want on Saturday nights, but your butt will be up for church and Sunday school the next morning.

They knew what to expect and how it would go down. We had a game-plan and it was up to them to execute. It was up to me to hold them accountable. Very simple.

Of course there were times of drama, times when I wanted to pinch their little cheeks red, times when holding it together I grabbed the glue and times I simply cried out to the Lord. The key is consistency. Like football, the players who are there time and time again, executing their assignments, making a way to make the play, are well coached with leadership at the helm, those are the teams who most likely win games, seasons, and championships.

I believe there is no other game like the game of football to teach life lessons and the gift of leadership. As I've said many times, football is so much more than what happens on the hundred yard expanse. I am always looking for those moms/parents with the gift of leadership. If you look real hard within your heart and seek The King of All Kings, you'll find your own gift of leadership. Kids really want moms/parents of leadership. Heck, they have enough peers.


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