College Football Recruiting

Saturday Sons in the making ...
Our goal was shooting for Division I-A schools, not solely for the football, but for the quality education those schools offer. I wanted my sons to play with the best while pursuing college degrees, with the wishes that a degree would open the door to life's opportunities.

In the meantime ...

What happens when your son lands on a programs wait and see list? Or, you've got a star player, but something smells mighty fishy when the SEC or ACC schools are in hot pursuit then suddenly pass on his signature? How do you decode the messages coaches are really saying, or decipher through college football mailings?

When my boys were being recruited, I wanted to ask the hard questions without fear of penalizing one of my sons in some way ~ but there wasn't a group, web site, book or anyone I could turn to for honest unbiased information. I vowed then, that if there was anyway I could help mamas, parents or players through this process, I certainly, wholeheartedly would! 

We will discuss some of these issues, most of them are covered in my debut book, High Heels, Cleats, and Helmets. But please, you are welcome to ask me most anything football related. This is your space to share your thoughts and questions. I may not always have a quick answer, but together we'll find snswers. Some questions I'm asked, can even plague the most seasoned college football fan. I look forward to our conversation. And, feel free to use the links I've provided for quick access.

This blog will share our experiences ~ our successes, our failures ~ the highs, the lows ~ in hopes that we can help some of you on this crazy roller coaster ride called, college football recruiting!

Bryson Westbrook is Saturday Son #1,
but the story didn't end here ...
Brandon Westbrook, Saturday Son #2,
continued the saga all the way to the NFL.

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