Friday, February 3, 2017

Baylor Rape Scandal

Why, oh why, do our football fellas have to taint the entire system? Why can't we just have clean games, clean recruiting, and behave like the gentlemen your mama's thought they were raising? Does anybody out there have a brain?

Of course, these "hostess" girls are chosen for their looks, personality, and wooing skills! So who I ask, is really at fault here?

Many of these boys are away from home for the first time in their lives visiting college campuses with out a parent around. What do you, Mister Head Coach expect?
 It's really a no brainier.

Folks, if you send your son on a recruiting trip, I can assure you he is not always chaperoned 24 hrs a day. In fact, they are usually teamed up with a kid (program's team member) who may have the same position, or come from the same state, or with some other common interest as your son, with the soul purpose of getting him interested enough in the extra curricular activities to commit on the spot. The team members are assigned to show recruits the city sights, given pocket change to boot, and return to campus or the hotel just in time for Sunday's fireside chat with the head coach.

Hey, Mister Head Coach, if ya don't want sexual stuff like rape to happen on your watch, then create a more upright atmosphere! Honestly, my youngest son was honey-dripped-on more than my oldest son was. Simply I believe, because of timing issues. Heck when Bryson visited Tulane the trips were purdy much done. He slipped in on the very last weekend. But, I also believe these days, the honey-dos are most predominantly in programs that are in acute need of talent. They are leveraging any and all assets to get recruits to sign.

What a shame. And shame on you, Mister Head Coaches!! Shame on you for trying to cover it up. Rape is NOT okay! Never.  


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