Helmet Kisses 

Mud, Muck, and Mama: Keeping Your Lipstick On In The World of College Football and Recruiting

by Candy A. Westbrook

Helmet Kisses follows the college football recruiting process through the eyes of a sassy Southern Lady determined to do anything in her power to help her two sons land D-IA full ride, major college scholarships. There is a difference! Despite the family's lack of football pedigree or recruiting knowledge, mama plows ahead, uninhibited by the all male dominance she faces.

This underdog, David vs Goliath book is written to encourage, equip and prepare parents and players wishing to play beyond Friday night's lights. At its heart is the true story of an average family facing obstacles for which no guide book prepared them for. A work that goes beyond the surface of America's premier game and opens the playbook on the hardships that confronts most families throughout the country looking for answers in a tough sport. 

Expertly crafted, this mama mixes genuine sports insight with a generous helping of humorous Southernissims and feminine wisdom, Helmet Kisses is not your average X's and O's playbook. It's a real story written for the general audience, although largely female-friendly ~ yet no topic is off limits, such as exposing ruthless recruiting tactics college coaches are almost forced to use.

Two talented brothers rise from a controversial, yet nationally notorious small town of North Georgia, (which recruiters avoided for decades) to land spots on Division I-A rosters, while their devoted mama gets a crash course in the cutthroat inner workings of college football. Through it all, she seeks to keep her faith and encourages her sons to do the right thing, even when the adults in charge aren't.

Helmet Kisses is not your usual sports book. It unfolds as a plot-building story, keeping the reader engaged, while weaving in football facts, history and traditions. This book is sure to be a touching, eye-opening page-turner for the sports neophyte and the veteran fan alike. For anyone who's ever been told they couldn't. 


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