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Candy A. Westbrook is a writer and speaker whose passion lingers on the football field. Her desire to share her story with others began when she couldn't find one resource on college football recruiting when her oldest son was in the thick of it. She vowed then that she'd do all she could to help others weed through the process.

Raised in South Georgia, Candy emphatically devoted herself to its football-soaked culture and always cherished Friday nights as a high school cheerleader. Her love for God, country, community, Southern hospitality, beauty pageants, and the color pink, y'all ~ began early in her life. She earned a nursing degree through higher education, but gained a Ph.D. through the University of Mama, and the crazy calamities associated with college football.

Her unique Southern rhythmic style refreshes the soul while evoking encouragement with her never quit inspiring delivery. She's been published in Up-n-Cumming magazine and other local periodicals, capturing the Southern love for football to a sweet tea. Ms. Westbrook was quoted in the Forsyth County News on the perils of landing a Division I-A scholarship, the subject she covers in her debut book, High Heels, Cleats, and Helmets.

Her work as a corporate recruiter, sales manager, community leader, substitute high school teacher, intercessory prayer organizer all sharpened her message of equipping parents and players for the next level. To this day, she stills enjoys watching the greatest game on earth, football! But she is most at peace in front of an audience sharing her heart and helping others reach their goals.

She and her husband Gary are grandparents of six wonderful grands, in-laws to two gorgeous gals (the wives of our two sons), and make their home in suburban Atlanta, Georgia.

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  1. you go girl! proud to know you...honored to call you friend and sister-in-the-Lord. be blessed! Felicia