Bryson Westbrook
Senior High School season
Beats bounce off stadium bleachers as the varsity band marches onto the field. You stand at attention while the national anthem is played. The cheerleaders spring to formation, unraveling a huge fight sign covering the uprights. The signal is given. Your son is about to run onto the field as part of his high school team. You’ve waited through the peewee and middle school years to see him seize this moment. There’s a cantaloupe lodged in your throat fighting back tears. This is it!  

Varsity football!


The players bust through the paper sign. Sparks of excitement tingle up your spine. You see him! You watch his number meld into one big lump with his teammates. As pride wells in your heart, tears escape your eyes. This is "the big time!"

Brandon Westbrook, Senior High School season 
But now what? Playing football during the next 3 to 4 years could land your son a scholarship to college. So what do you do to get your son noticed? Relax. Recruiters will come knocking when the time is right. Right now, there is work to do for your high school team. Be an active part of your booster club, support your coaches, (even if you have to grit your teeth) and have fun! The serious stuff will start soon enough.   

Bookmark this page, then come back often and join the conversation. I look forward to talking boys, football, fundraising, coaches, schools, scholarships, and lots of mama stuff. Woman-to-woman. It will be enlightening for sure!

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