Friday, January 23, 2015

Lessons Learned from Football Transcend other Traditional Education except, an audible from your mama!

If the NFL had the oversight of the NCAA,
the New England Patriots wouldn't be in the pickle they are in right now. The NCAA can spot a cheater from three footballs fields away! They are sticklers for clean games. I am beginning to believe the movie, “The Longest Yard” is more or less the truer way of how the NFL-ers conduct business.
The real sadness of the situation is the kids. The youth players who look up to these guys with such admiration, that it’s rather sickening the way these guys have so carelessly handled the hero-status to their young fans. Honestly, that’s the real tragedy. Too many NFL-ers are on to their houses, cars, model girlfriends or the next form of material possession and forget they previously had dreams of making it on Sundays and what that felt like. No doubt, the players of today once held their NFL heroes as high as the Georgia pines ever grow around here! However, that appears faded from so many players memory.
There are a few guys who really care about the character they put out there and do an awfully lot of good things for lot of folks. They contribute in their communities and help others unselfishly and it is so refreshing to see or hear about. Thanks guys. Big thanks to those NFL-ers!
Is the lesson of doing the right thing even when no one is looking ever going to get through? In the end, it always comes out and its worse than had the incident not been committed in the first place! Thing with the Patriot’s however, is all the previously poisoned apples. When your barrel has some stinky apples in it, and you've been accused of cheating before, it doesn't make your case of innocence's very convincing. Even the hint of cheating on plays in games or other issues with this team puts them in a precarious position.
The NFL has taken big hits this year, black eyes everywhere, take that however you want. My question is this; are ya ever goin’ to get it guys? Can anyone learn a lesson from other mistakes? Good heavens. This is not rocket science!

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