Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Are we raising jocks or men of honor?

Gretchen Carlson just aired the 911 tape of a couple who were terrified by an apparent road-raged Rob Bironas just moments before crashing his car and consequently losing his life.   

Football used to be the game of champions, true champions, loaded with men of character and integrity. Football, the game, is supposed to teach a boy how to become a man. A man who just might think of his teammates before himself, translated--a man of honor in life off the field. Once were teams formed consisting of young fellas/men who would form camaraderie among each other and steer a teammate on the path of righteous before it was too late. Granted, at the end of the day, there are tons of choices.
As of late however, with all the discrepancies, even starting a few years back with perhaps the biggest, blackest eye in all of college football, the Penn State scandals, I am losing hope. Hope in even the most innocents of my beloved game. The  All American game--Football. There is no other game on God's green earth like football, there just isn't.    
Am I dreaming? Did all this shady stuff exist years ago? And guys, especially you NFL-ers and college players, listen to your mama, the low-rent actions some of you are publicly demonstrating "IS" Shady with a capital S! Oh come on, you know better! I don't give a hoot-n-holler how you were raised, you really do know better no matter what or where you came from!! Stop taking the purest of sports into the gutter with all your nonsense and shenanigans!! Straighten up, y'all and fly right! 
The first thing you could do if you were a young fella/man of character is go to church and stop whining about it! Get your tail up and take your family or a buddy to church. The worst that could happen is God will forgive you. He is all about new beginnings and He'll meet you right where you are.
You can call me the church lady if you want too, but I speak truth and from my heart. Guys, get after it, and get on with it, righteous living, that is. We remember the inspirational stories off the field so much more than who won the super bowl in 1972. Put hope back in America and back in the most wonderful game on earth called, football!  

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