Thursday, July 24, 2014

So, it’s okay to hit women?

After all, you’re a big time college football player. You have your fellow student body bowing at your feet in adoration, you can do anything you want and get by with it. Right? Sad, but true on so many levels.

I would like to think that back in the day when Johnny Unitas and Jim Brown were synonymous with the NFL and Bear Bryant was a rising star college coach, this stuff wasn’t happing. Even so, I cannot say that for a fact. A lot things were hidden and hush-hush with media as only a fly on the wall in a few locker rooms, quickly to be swatted and squashed if the reporting wasn’t to the liking of team mangers.

Football back then however, was a gentlemen’s game. Oh I’d say the game it’s self was tougher, sure it was! They weren’t worried about concussions or broken bones and relied on pure guts and grit on the gridiron. I mean the guys of the game had character off the field. They displayed a sense of responsibility to put forth good examples for the up and comers—the young fellas who looked-up to these guys. Our culture was certainly less violent.

So much for all the equality for woman. I’m not too sure poor Gloria Steinem, did anything to help the girls! Women are so much more exploited now a days than ever before. Sex trafficking, sensual ads, babies born before marriage, or no marriage or no daddy’s present and so on. We raise funds for battered woman’s shelters, implement 800 hot line numbers and the leading cause of injury to woman is domestic violence. Do we really consider this equality for women?

Obliviously, the recent news of UGA defensive lineman player, Jonathan Taylor prompted this post with several other college players throughout the nation on the line for such behavior as well. Come on guys, seriously? Aren’t you football guys getting enough hits on the field? What the heck are you doing?

Coaches, maybe you should take a good hard look at your recruiting methods. Wouldn’t you rather have maybe a 3 star player who will give you everything he’s got, including his off the field character? Instead of maybe the 4 star recruit, who can outplay the 3 star, but questionable off the field? You are not stupid; this stuff shows up long before signing day. Is it worth a scholarship to take a chance on his maybe not so great nature that in the end, will cost you?

This particular kid had been jailed before without repercussions from the Georgia coaching staff. He still played last year. Tell me that was a bright move. Now UGA is out a D-lineman and in a much tougher spot than if this had been dealt with last year.

Coaches, we all know who the player’s daddies are. YOU! Step up, make the hard choices, lower the boom, and be that dad who instructs his kids leading them to a life of Character. Someday, Football will be over for every player. Then what?       

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